Analytical service

If you want to know more precisely ...

In order to ascertain the cause of damage, in order to evaluate the suitability of raw materials, in order to prove compliance with limit values, in order to verify the quality of sub-suppliers, in order to understand reaction mechanisms, in order to develop products – there are a number of problems which make it necessary to perform analyses!

The correct analysis for your task:
  • Chemical analyses of solids by means of x-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF)
  • Mineral phase determination x-ray diffractometry (XRD)
  • Stereoscopy, incident and transmitted light microscopy
    (polarisation microscope)
  • Raster electron microscopy and microprobe analysis (REM/EDX)
  • Analysis of carbons and fuels (elementary and short analysis, heating
    and combustion value, S/Cl/F, and trace elements)
  • Grain size analysis using sieve analyses and laser granulometry
  • Water and wastewater investigations

Send us your samples or commission us with the sample taking! We can accomplish the correct analyses for the respective tasks and supply you with extensively interpreted data with the answers to your questions!

We only cooperate with selected reliable quality laboratories, sample management and reports are subject to strict quality controls.