Company processes

firmly in hand!

Successful companies must meet the challenge of change. Identifying, steering and optimising corporate processes is an important management task. The external advisor is a catalyst who supports the company in this daily work.

Good specialist knowledge, common sense, creative orientation to solutions and first and foremost having a positive perspective of people are the basis of our advisory activities. The objective is sustainable development and enhancement of company processes.

We accompany our customers for years and decades and thus combine the often necessary 'external view' with good knowledge of internal processes and the particularities of specific corporate cultures.

  • We advise companies during preparation for certification of process management systems (quality/environment/security).
  • We also accompany companies in the planning and implementation of improvement measures.
  • We present workshops and developed tailored, practical solutions.
  • We perform system and process audits and advise on the implementation of modern quality tools.
  • We visualise processes with ViFlow.
  • We develop process ratios and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of processes.